Phoolan Devi. Dear God, what a WOMAN! I wish, I wish, I wish, . . . . that I’d been able to meet her, before they slaughtered her for her heroism.

When Devi was 18, she was gang raped by a bunch of well-to-do Indian men in her town. But Devi don’t play that. She got rowdy with her own set of gangsters. Joined them. Became the boss of a squad. Then returned to her little home town and served up some natural justice. She executed two of the men that had raped her, and 20 other rape supporters.

The hateful sentiments promulgated by the women-fearing, southern, white, Trump supporters include a bit about us liberals being sissies. This, from the same cowards that secretly support Trump, or whine about how unfair it is that I don’t like them. But I ain’t no sissy. I don’t even know what a sissy is.

It is true, that I hate violence. It doesn’t make sense, most of the time. Usually, there is a better option. Violence is not efficient, for the most part. But sometimes, it’s the only option.

Religious books say, eye for an eye. Natural justice. Our justice system is meant to reflect that. Unless you’re a woman. Then, you’re just supposed to take it, and use the pain to become a better person. Well, I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m with Devi.

If a rich white man, or any other man, or woman for that matter, wants to fuck with my personal space, my body, . . . . they better know what’s coming. The law doesn’t punish rapists, or abusers, but I will.

Eye for an eye doesn’t make the world blind, when they’re intentionally looking the other way to begin with.