Petra Herrera, and many other badass soldaderas played an integral role in the Mexican revolution. Fighting for everyone’s freedom from tyranny. But of course, las soldaderas suffered additional prejudice and abuse from the men fighting right along side of them.

As a femme de revolucion, we ladies have it coming at us from every different direction. Conservative men, radical men, conservative women, our mothers, . . . it’s exhausting. And obnoxious.

I’m hearing some democrats say that liberal women are to blame for Donald Trump’s election, because we voted for Hillary, and Sander’s could have beaten Trump. To them I say,

Go Fuck Yourself.

We all know that you’re not as progressive as you pretend to be, or intelligent. The very premise of your judgment, that women selfishly voted for their own interests to the detriment of the progressive movement, makes your argument baseless and egotistical. This is what you sound like to a person with even half a brain,

“You knew sexist democrats would never elect a woman, so you should have pandered to sexism, as a better means of reducing sexism. And I’m not saying that because I’m a sexist white man. I’m just pissed that I voted better than all you women.”

Well guess what, I voted for a female candidate for president, and if I had to do it all over, I’d vote for her again. I’m sick of putting everyone else’s needs before my daughters, so I’ll say it again,

Go Fuck Yourself,

and get your boys in check. We lost the election because your fragile little egos were threatened by a woman that does a man’s job better than a man. But history proves, we ladies always pick up the slack when you boys get tired. Without credit. You screwed this up, so now we’ll fix it for you. I’m pretty sure those southern boys are more afraid of us soldaderas than they ever have been of you.