Simone Segouin was a lover, but when the Nazis invaded her beloved France, she grabbed her gun and joined the French Resistance. At only 18 years-old, she became the symbol of a femme de guerre, sharp-shooting right alongside her male counterparts. We can thank her, in part, for freeing the ultimate city of love, Paris.

I’ve been advocating against gun violence now for quite some time. In disbelief that so many children and educators have to risk their lives to attend school, all because some idiot in the south loves guns more than people. However, now, I understand what they’ve been doing all these years. Since the civil war. Since the abolishment of slavery. They’ve been stocking up for another war. Still bitter about the one they lost. Scary doesn’t even begin to capture my sentiments.

I don’t like guns or violence. But I know my history, and I am not above fighting back, effectively. If they have guns and soldiers, so should we.

Donald Trump is President. Congress is dominated by radical conservatives. The same radical conservatives that refused to appoint a Centrist justice to the Supreme Court. Only the Court has yet to be radicalized. But if we lose another justice in the next four years, there will be nothing to stop that from happening.

Militia members just elected a man that has mocked their service with his own lack of servitude, and his lack of deference to all war heroes. They march behind this man in support of a bigger purpose.

Their radical support is joined by our nation’s domestic protection forces. Police forces, firemen, namely any serviceman that demonstrates brute strength. Honed physical and mental skill in the art of combat and security. Advanced knowledge of weapon use. And unfortunately, previous exposure to traumatic violent events. People that have been exposed to death.

But how could you further integrate white supremacy into otherwise benign conservative groups, if not through religion? How do you get the women on board? Through religious wives. Christianity in the southern United States is less about the doctrine, than it is about the hate.

Last but not least, you need the perfect distraction. Liberals might be progressive, but God knows they’re just as egotistical and obtuse. Create a bunch of fake news stations that hoc ego-bloating, political commentary to them. Drown their gluttonous egos with supportive, insulting monologues stocked with conclusions instead of information. Use their arrogance to convince them they don’t have to think for themselves anymore. Trick them into fighting amongst one another. Assure them the Conservative Party is imploding. Watch them laugh at us, all the while, never preparing themselves for what is happening all around them. Then, after it’s begun, continue to trick them with whatever silly explanation you can come up with, because it doesn’t even really matter anymore. We have control of everything now.

No, don’t be afraid of those stupid, ignorant, white supremacists. They’re too dumb to fool you.

Or, maybe you should finally see what just happened. Quit blaming each other. And get your shit together. Get armed. Quit trying to compromise, friend, like, stomach, or anything that involves derivative support of their deadly, hateful, white supremacist agenda.

Because they aren’t going to care when they come for you. Don’t believe me, freshen up on your history. They obviously have.