The only thing harder than being a woman, is being a black woman. Maybe that’s why black women are so . . . resilient? Focused? Resolute? . . . What single word do you use to describe the women that embody grace, strength, courage, kindness, intelligence, tolerance? I don’t know. Revolutionary.

The female revolutionaries of the Black Panthers rarely get a name drop. But these women are extraordinary. Assata Shakur captures my heart. She is the unspoken hero of the fight against institutional white supremacy. Behind every good man, like Martin Luther or Malcolm X, is a great woman.

She never married. Sounds like a side note. But for me, it’s not. I won’t marry. I think the institution is fundamentally contrary to the promotion of gender equality. Not because it is inherently inequitable, simply because the tradition is so historically rich with female oppression, that the whole thing needs to be scrapped.

In some Islamic cultures, women are kidnapped and raped, as an introduction to their new husband, usually when they’re young teens. Hinduism has its twisted theological version as well, where child brides of deceased husbands are offered as sex slaves to Indian men from the privileged caste. Go down the line in ethnicities and religions and I can show you a societally-accepted gross inequity denying women their civil right to their personal sovereignty.

You would think that in a developed democracy we wouldn’t still be sex slaves. But when 98% of rapists never spend a single night in jail, let alone prison, how are we not? When more women are incarcerated for acting in self defense, a response to their physical male abuser, then rapists or women-beaters, how are we not?

When a black woman is pulled over by the Jersey police, and shot twice, survives, only to be tried and convicted of a cop’s murder, how can we not? That’s Lady Assata. There’s a common misconception that racially-motivated police brutality only harms black men, and that’s wrong. Black women are victimized all the time, and from the cases that I read about from just 2015, none of the women were even accused of a crime. Not even panhandling.

Lady Assata gets even better. She was tortured in maximum security prison (coincidentally, the Clinton Correctional Facility) for over six years, but she escaped and fled to Cuba, where she remains in informal asylum. She calls herself, a modern “escaped slave.” And she’s right.

How does this all tie in with Heavens? Well, I have been tough on all the Christian-Counterfeits in the south, but they’re not alone. Their mortal enemies, Neopagans, have their own white supremacist mutations, and these people call themselves Heathens. They are the descendants of the Nazi movement, and they only like white hippies. No brown or copper hippies allowed.

The Heathens are even slimier than the Christian-Counterfeits, because they don’t disclose their racist agenda until you’ve followed their encouragements, i.e., quit your job, left your family, and bought some hemp and a juicer to take with you to your new whitey-hippie commune. But, you should’ve known, because you will never see a black face at any of their yoga/sex parties; their crusty farmer’s markets; or their hypnosis/holistic/unqualified healing centers. Black people are too smart for that shit.

A black female revolutionary has to deal with racist white women – both former slave owners and former Nazis. When she gets done with that fight, then she has to put black men in check.

Don’t tell me Super Heroes are for comic books. They walk amongst us everyday. Only you don’t notice them because they are black women. Open your eyes.