I thought that most of us 20-40 something-year old ladies got all of our witch-fantasy-kicks out back in the 90s, when they released the film The Craft. We all found a few other rebel-without-a-good-cause chicklets, and lit incense and named ourselves masters of fire or wind, while we sipped caramel macchiatos and read new-age voodoo books.

Now, I am reading media sources that I formerly respected, and I can’t understand what the fuck they’re virtually printing. They are trying to empower women in a time of confusion, despair, hopelessness, etc., . . . I get it.

But Wicca?

I tried to be fair. I read your posts. Indulgent, fantastical illusions of grandiose feminine divine empowerment. And that’s all I got. Fantasy. Nothing reflective. Nothing personal. Zero insight or possible guidance. If God is NOT a man, then God is not a WOMAN either. If you want to be logical (instead of idiosyncratic and mindless), then you might wonder why God would need pro-creation parts, like one of the species God created. Maybe God has a wife, or a husband we should read about sometime.


Oh, and then, I looked at your bios. Those that shamelessly hawk self-help-pity-me-if-I-read-this crap literature, and your fucking yoga workshops. I have never been to a yoga studio in need. Why are you dying for clients?

Christian Counterfeits. or Wicca Wannabes.

Somebody introduce the real women.