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Wherever you see one woman fighting for her rights, you’ll find another woman holding her back from behind. The American Suffrage was marked with these Uncle Tom types. Yes, wherever you see a white male trying to hold down a woman, you’ll find his white, privileged wife helping him out. Like the women that just elected Donald Trump.

The great granddaughters of the Anti-Suffragettes just used their voting power to turn back the hands of time and send a message to the country. They are the squawking, sycophantic, solders of the white, male supremacist movement. They want us, which is everyone other than them, to know our places in their world. They want us to know what we stand to lose if we dare to strive for equality. Their threats are tangible. A black man dared to take a white man’s job (and then do it much better), so disadvantaged black males across the country were systematically executed on film by loyalist police officers. Now, a woman dared to do the same thing, and her opposition has already assured us that sexual violence to our gender is all but promised. Mark my words, if you thought rape was an issue before Trump, just wait. Protect yourselves and your children, comrades. This is imminent.

Well, as solders of the revolution, we cannot ignore this high crime of treason against our sex. These women have used the right that our great grandmothers sacrificed their lives for, to harm us. Their actions cannot go unpunished.

These women must be exposed. They are morally bankrupt, yet they’re constantly reminding us that they’re good Christians, and that we should be too. Constantly telling us that God is a man. Worship a man. Obey the Man. Now, they’re trying to suppress our rebellion by telling us that God will make this all better. Not to be upset because God will protect us. These women not only betray humanity with their false prophecies, but they betray God. Using religion to promote evil intentions. Don’t let them get away with it. Next time they start preaching, ask them how God feels about rape? Hate. Racism. Antisemitism. Then tell them to shut the fuck up.

These hypocrites enjoy the fruits of the feminists revolutionaries that came before us, while they thwart further progress, and threaten to dismantle our existing liberties. They stand on the backs of women like Susan B. Anthony, just to stomp on the backs of all women, particularly the working class women, piercing us with their poison-tipped stiletto heals. No more.

Their gravest treason isn’t even to their peers. They have committed the most ultimate betrayal of selling their daughters to the wolves to maintain their own petty position of power. Teaching their daughters to be less. To want less. To assume the roles they have. To be nothing more than a wife. Not a mother. No, they do not get to consider themselves mothers. They are void of motherly compassions. Instincts. Lady Macbeth’s womb is merely a portal used for destruction.

They are so arrogant that they have found fault with me for openly rejecting their white male supremacist agendas. They expect us all to just fall into the places their husbands have reserved for us. They certainly don’t think that we’ll respond to their attack. Will we just sit idly by, sending our daughters out into the world that they have made so much more dangerous for them?

I will not.

Voting for Trump was the ultimate crime. Not only do I not accept you, I mean to take away the rights that you enjoy, that you don’t deserve. What could I possibly mean?

Your business. You don’t deserve the jobs you have, or the clients that pay you, because those opportunities came from the blood, sweat, and tears of feminist freedom fighters. They come from the working class women you continue to hurt. If you won’t continue to support the cause, then give up our bounty. Les Girondins should not support the businesses of traitors to our sex.

But it doesn’t stop there, no it gets much darker. You Pro-life Trumpettes forget so quickly, what I remember quite well. Your darkest little secret, that wasn’t much of a secret all those years ago, courtesy of your gossipy co-Trumpettes. You have forgotten, very conveniently, who you were so many years ago. Forgotten what you did to your body. Your fetus. You have conveniently forgotten because you enjoyed a right that you’re now trying to take away from other women. You have forgotten what I’m sure your Christian husband doesn’t know. But he will.

In fact, everyone should know what a fetus-killing hypocrite you really are. I think you should be reminded. Les Girondins should respond to all of these attacks against our personal sovereignties by reminding these women the names of all Trumpettes that have ever taken advantage of Pro-Choice options.

You don’t think rape is a problem? Have you been raped lately? Maybe the gift of experience would improve your understanding. Maybe if you felt unsafe like the rest of us so often do, maybe you wouldn’t be such a horrible human being. Maybe you need to be slapped around a bit by a man, then told by another man with a badge, that lovers’ quarrels aren’t criminally actionable. Les Girondins should remind these Trumpettes that they can be raped and assaulted at any age, anytime, anywhere. By anyone.

Finally, I am a firm believer in reciprocity. You think that us liberal women are just going to forget about the back-handed, razor-bladed slap you just served? Good luck with that. ‘Cause you just made my list, sweet heart. You are living in a house of cards of secrets. Your past. Your present. You. I am going to expose them all. My safety, my liberty is at stake here. You made sure of that.

Just call me the Big Bad Wolf. I’ll be seeing you shortly.

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Wicca Witch or Stepford Wife?

I thought that most of us 20-40 something-year old ladies got all of our witch-fantasy-kicks out back in the 90s, when they released the film The Craft. We all found a few other rebel-without-a-good-cause chicklets, and lit incense and named ourselves masters of fire or wind, while we sipped caramel macchiatos and read new-age voodoo books.

Now, I am reading media sources that I formerly respected, and I can’t understand what the fuck they’re virtually printing. They are trying to empower women in a time of confusion, despair, hopelessness, etc., . . . I get it.

But Wicca?

I tried to be fair. I read your posts. Indulgent, fantastical illusions of grandiose feminine divine empowerment. And that’s all I got. Fantasy. Nothing reflective. Nothing personal. Zero insight or possible guidance. If God is NOT a man, then God is not a WOMAN either. If you want to be logical (instead of idiosyncratic and mindless), then you might wonder why God would need pro-creation parts, like one of the species God created. Maybe God has a wife, or a husband we should read about sometime.


Oh, and then, I looked at your bios. Those that shamelessly hawk self-help-pity-me-if-I-read-this crap literature, and your fucking yoga workshops. I have never been to a yoga studio in need. Why are you dying for clients?

Christian Counterfeits. or Wicca Wannabes.

Somebody introduce the real women.

HEATHENS – The True Undercover Trumpers.

The only thing harder than being a woman, is being a black woman. Maybe that’s why black women are so . . . resilient? Focused? Resolute? . . . What single word do you use to describe the women that embody grace, strength, courage, kindness, intelligence, tolerance? I don’t know. Revolutionary.

The female revolutionaries of the Black Panthers rarely get a name drop. But these women are extraordinary. Assata Shakur captures my heart. She is the unspoken hero of the fight against institutional white supremacy. Behind every good man, like Martin Luther or Malcolm X, is a great woman.

She never married. Sounds like a side note. But for me, it’s not. I won’t marry. I think the institution is fundamentally contrary to the promotion of gender equality. Not because it is inherently inequitable, simply because the tradition is so historically rich with female oppression, that the whole thing needs to be scrapped.

In some Islamic cultures, women are kidnapped and raped, as an introduction to their new husband, usually when they’re young teens. Hinduism has its twisted theological version as well, where child brides of deceased husbands are offered as sex slaves to Indian men from the privileged caste. Go down the line in ethnicities and religions and I can show you a societally-accepted gross inequity denying women their civil right to their personal sovereignty.

You would think that in a developed democracy we wouldn’t still be sex slaves. But when 98% of rapists never spend a single night in jail, let alone prison, how are we not? When more women are incarcerated for acting in self defense, a response to their physical male abuser, then rapists or women-beaters, how are we not?

When a black woman is pulled over by the Jersey police, and shot twice, survives, only to be tried and convicted of a cop’s murder, how can we not? That’s Lady Assata. There’s a common misconception that racially-motivated police brutality only harms black men, and that’s wrong. Black women are victimized all the time, and from the cases that I read about from just 2015, none of the women were even accused of a crime. Not even panhandling.

Lady Assata gets even better. She was tortured in maximum security prison (coincidentally, the Clinton Correctional Facility) for over six years, but she escaped and fled to Cuba, where she remains in informal asylum. She calls herself, a modern “escaped slave.” And she’s right.

How does this all tie in with Heavens? Well, I have been tough on all the Christian-Counterfeits in the south, but they’re not alone. Their mortal enemies, Neopagans, have their own white supremacist mutations, and these people call themselves Heathens. They are the descendants of the Nazi movement, and they only like white hippies. No brown or copper hippies allowed.

The Heathens are even slimier than the Christian-Counterfeits, because they don’t disclose their racist agenda until you’ve followed their encouragements, i.e., quit your job, left your family, and bought some hemp and a juicer to take with you to your new whitey-hippie commune. But, you should’ve known, because you will never see a black face at any of their yoga/sex parties; their crusty farmer’s markets; or their hypnosis/holistic/unqualified healing centers. Black people are too smart for that shit.

A black female revolutionary has to deal with racist white women – both former slave owners and former Nazis. When she gets done with that fight, then she has to put black men in check.

Don’t tell me Super Heroes are for comic books. They walk amongst us everyday. Only you don’t notice them because they are black women. Open your eyes.

White Supremacists Have Control of our Elected Offices, our Militia, Police, Guns, Christian Congregations, and the Media, . . . but we shouldn’t be alarmed.

Simone Segouin was a lover, but when the Nazis invaded her beloved France, she grabbed her gun and joined the French Resistance. At only 18 years-old, she became the symbol of a femme de guerre, sharp-shooting right alongside her male counterparts. We can thank her, in part, for freeing the ultimate city of love, Paris.

I’ve been advocating against gun violence now for quite some time. In disbelief that so many children and educators have to risk their lives to attend school, all because some idiot in the south loves guns more than people. However, now, I understand what they’ve been doing all these years. Since the civil war. Since the abolishment of slavery. They’ve been stocking up for another war. Still bitter about the one they lost. Scary doesn’t even begin to capture my sentiments.

I don’t like guns or violence. But I know my history, and I am not above fighting back, effectively. If they have guns and soldiers, so should we.

Donald Trump is President. Congress is dominated by radical conservatives. The same radical conservatives that refused to appoint a Centrist justice to the Supreme Court. Only the Court has yet to be radicalized. But if we lose another justice in the next four years, there will be nothing to stop that from happening.

Militia members just elected a man that has mocked their service with his own lack of servitude, and his lack of deference to all war heroes. They march behind this man in support of a bigger purpose.

Their radical support is joined by our nation’s domestic protection forces. Police forces, firemen, namely any serviceman that demonstrates brute strength. Honed physical and mental skill in the art of combat and security. Advanced knowledge of weapon use. And unfortunately, previous exposure to traumatic violent events. People that have been exposed to death.

But how could you further integrate white supremacy into otherwise benign conservative groups, if not through religion? How do you get the women on board? Through religious wives. Christianity in the southern United States is less about the doctrine, than it is about the hate.

Last but not least, you need the perfect distraction. Liberals might be progressive, but God knows they’re just as egotistical and obtuse. Create a bunch of fake news stations that hoc ego-bloating, political commentary to them. Drown their gluttonous egos with supportive, insulting monologues stocked with conclusions instead of information. Use their arrogance to convince them they don’t have to think for themselves anymore. Trick them into fighting amongst one another. Assure them the Conservative Party is imploding. Watch them laugh at us, all the while, never preparing themselves for what is happening all around them. Then, after it’s begun, continue to trick them with whatever silly explanation you can come up with, because it doesn’t even really matter anymore. We have control of everything now.

No, don’t be afraid of those stupid, ignorant, white supremacists. They’re too dumb to fool you.

Or, maybe you should finally see what just happened. Quit blaming each other. And get your shit together. Get armed. Quit trying to compromise, friend, like, stomach, or anything that involves derivative support of their deadly, hateful, white supremacist agenda.

Because they aren’t going to care when they come for you. Don’t believe me, freshen up on your history. They obviously have.

Soldaderas, Get Your Guns

Petra Herrera, and many other badass soldaderas played an integral role in the Mexican revolution. Fighting for everyone’s freedom from tyranny. But of course, las soldaderas suffered additional prejudice and abuse from the men fighting right along side of them.

As a femme de revolucion, we ladies have it coming at us from every different direction. Conservative men, radical men, conservative women, our mothers, . . . it’s exhausting. And obnoxious.

I’m hearing some democrats say that liberal women are to blame for Donald Trump’s election, because we voted for Hillary, and Sander’s could have beaten Trump. To them I say,

Go Fuck Yourself.

We all know that you’re not as progressive as you pretend to be, or intelligent. The very premise of your judgment, that women selfishly voted for their own interests to the detriment of the progressive movement, makes your argument baseless and egotistical. This is what you sound like to a person with even half a brain,

“You knew sexist democrats would never elect a woman, so you should have pandered to sexism, as a better means of reducing sexism. And I’m not saying that because I’m a sexist white man. I’m just pissed that I voted better than all you women.”

Well guess what, I voted for a female candidate for president, and if I had to do it all over, I’d vote for her again. I’m sick of putting everyone else’s needs before my daughters, so I’ll say it again,

Go Fuck Yourself,

and get your boys in check. We lost the election because your fragile little egos were threatened by a woman that does a man’s job better than a man. But history proves, we ladies always pick up the slack when you boys get tired. Without credit. You screwed this up, so now we’ll fix it for you. I’m pretty sure those southern boys are more afraid of us soldaderas than they ever have been of you.


We Ain’t No Liberal Sissies

Phoolan Devi. Dear God, what a WOMAN! I wish, I wish, I wish, . . . . that I’d been able to meet her, before they slaughtered her for her heroism.

When Devi was 18, she was gang raped by a bunch of well-to-do Indian men in her town. But Devi don’t play that. She got rowdy with her own set of gangsters. Joined them. Became the boss of a squad. Then returned to her little home town and served up some natural justice. She executed two of the men that had raped her, and 20 other rape supporters.

The hateful sentiments promulgated by the women-fearing, southern, white, Trump supporters include a bit about us liberals being sissies. This, from the same cowards that secretly support Trump, or whine about how unfair it is that I don’t like them. But I ain’t no sissy. I don’t even know what a sissy is.

It is true, that I hate violence. It doesn’t make sense, most of the time. Usually, there is a better option. Violence is not efficient, for the most part. But sometimes, it’s the only option.

Religious books say, eye for an eye. Natural justice. Our justice system is meant to reflect that. Unless you’re a woman. Then, you’re just supposed to take it, and use the pain to become a better person. Well, I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m with Devi.

If a rich white man, or any other man, or woman for that matter, wants to fuck with my personal space, my body, . . . . they better know what’s coming. The law doesn’t punish rapists, or abusers, but I will.

Eye for an eye doesn’t make the world blind, when they’re intentionally looking the other way to begin with.

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